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Air conditioning capacitor replacement method
Mar 10, 2019

It is to open air conditioning to test above all, run, see air conditioning whether report gives breakdown code and test the effect that air conditioning runs. It is to find air conditioning outdoor machine next, connect on pressure gauge, detect air conditioning to lack fluorine, normal air conditioning should maintain in general pressure 3-5 pressure. According to the numerical value of the pressure gauge, the air conditioning is not deficient in fluorine. The last is to check whether the air conditioning line wear and other parts are damaged, the most important is to check the air conditioning compressor and capacitance. Compressor capacitors are mainly used in air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. Other electrical appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and floor waxing machines also have such capacitors. But the motor power is different, capacitance capacity is different; The capacitance has the function of phase shifting, which generates the simulated rotating magnetic field and makes the motor start and run.

How to replace the capacitor? Capacitance is general in air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners, first is to cut off the power supply, prevent to get an electric shock in the process of operation, the screw on the cover of outdoor with screwdriver uninstalled, capacitance is generally above the compressor is connected, on the other side of the copper pipe to unload the old capacitance, in the process of unloading is how to take joint, to prevent wrong burn the whole machine, usually capacitance joint has two, one is the four iron, one is two, there are two line is inserted in the four iron end, another line two iron. Many users sometimes do not know how to judge the line. According to the experience of the platform, two lines with the same color are generally inserted on four iron plates. Put on the fixing screw of the capacitor to avoid the capacitor sloshing.

In the replacement of capacitors must pay attention to safety, because the outdoor are hanging on the wall above so safety measures must be done, so as to avoid accidents.

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