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Analysis and corresponding processing method of abnormal operation of high voltage capacitor (1)
Aug 02, 2018

First, the analysis of the problems that occurred after the installation was just put into operation

1) Causes of leakage and leakage of capacitors (mainly in the corners of the outer casing, welds, capacitor housings and porcelain sleeves, and caps), and avoiding solutions

In general, there are several possibilities for this kind of situation. The first is bumping and barbaric handling during transportation. The second is improper packaging of the product, including the use of hard or too sharp packaging materials; small size capacitors use large size packaging and are not effectively fixed inside the large size box. The third manufacturer's outer casing is not strong enough for a batch of shells. The fourth soldering quality is not enough, and it occurs mostly at the junction of the capacitor housing and the porcelain sleeve. When the fifth installation is connected, the force is too strong and the screw is broken. The sixth connection is made by a hard connection.

Ways to avoid: As a buyer, the first choice to avoid these unnecessary troubles is to choose a big brand of manufacturers. If the capital plan is limited, the seller may be required to provide a type test report, a factory test report, and a pressure test project for the outer casing is required in the factory test report. Detailed packaging requirements are presented in the technical agreement. Follow the instructions during the installation process.

Solution: Return to factory for repair or replacement. Under normal circumstances, seepage and oil leakage are accompanied by the entry of water and pollutants into the capacitor. This kind of maintenance requires professional equipment for drying and filtering oil and components. The casing often needs to be polished, welded and painted. The process has high requirements on the process, and the general substation site does not have hardware equipment to deal with such problems.

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