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Application characteristics of film capacitors of different materials
Jan 06, 2019

Thin film capacitors have the characteristics of low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, low dielectric absorption and good insulation strength. They are durable and space-saving solutions with good long-term stability. These characteristics make polypropylene film capacitors an important choice for ac input filters, electronic ballasts and buffer circuits. Polypropylene film capacitors can provide 400VAC or higher rated voltage to meet the requirements of industrial three-phase applications and professional equipment. They can also be used for switching power supply, identification and filter circuits, and energy storage applications.

Polyester film capacitors have good characteristics in common applications, such as high dielectric constant (which enables them to obtain high capacitance per unit volume in the film capacitors), high insulation strength, self-recovery characteristics and good temperature stability. In all types of thin film capacitors, the polyester film capacitor achieves volume efficiency at a modest cost and is a popular choice for dc applications such as decoupling, blocking, bypass and noise suppression. In addition, AC and pulse capacitors can be optimized for applications with steep pulses, such as electronic ballasts, motor controller switching power supply (SMPS), CRT televisions and displays or buffers. Polypropylene film structures with low loss dielectric are commonly used in these applications to withstand high voltage and pulse loads at high frequencies.

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