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Application status of polypropylene film technology for capacitor industry
Dec 22, 2018

Polypropylene film industry for capacitor is a technology-intensive industry. The manufacturing of capacitor film in China started in the 1980s, and its main equipment and production technology are mainly dependent on imports. After more than twenty years of development, the production technology has been gradually digested, absorbed and innovated, but the thickness specifications are mainly between 7 and 12 microns. As electronic machine update quickly and surging demand for super thin electronic film, to adapt to the market development trend, some strength strong film factory to research and development production of ultra-thin electronic film under 6 microns, and ultra thin film on the equipment accuracy and technology demand is higher, the conventional production technology to overcome frequent rupture problem in the process of continuous automatic production and ensure internal quality and subsequent processing properties of thin film, causing the poor quality of the products, raw material loss and high cost. Using high precision production equipment and matching technology to improve the product yield and internal and subsequent processing characteristics is the only way for the development of ultra-thin capacitor polypropylene film industry.

The technical characteristics of this industry are shown in the understanding of equipment and the ability of technical transformation, as well as the understanding of capacitor application field and application scope.
Because both core production equipment and testing instruments imported from abroad, a high degree of automation, the stability of equipment operation, equipment state and the suitability of production process directly determines the stability of product quality and quality of ascension, so the technology personnel to the understanding of the equipment and technical transformation to a great extent, determines the company's technology level.

Film capacitor is widely used in home appliances, communications equipment, electronic machine, automobile electronics, new energy vehicles, different industries, such as solar energy, wind energy and the application range of the same industry is also different, the performance index of the film is also different, production and technical personnel to the condenser 'understanding of the application field and range of application, to a large extent determines the company's products performance and the degree of match customer needs.

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