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Can polyester capacitor replace electrolytic capacitor
Jan 01, 2019

As we all know, there are several indicators related to performance: capacitor type, capacitor package, capacitor value, and capacitor heat resistance temperature. The type of capacitor must match the original one, no matter it is ceramic chip capacitor, polyester capacitor, safety regulation capacitor, dushi capacitor, film capacitor, etc., the new capacitor must match it.

Capacitance package includes distance of capacitance pin, capacitance height, etc., which is the appearance characteristics of capacitance. Make sure the capacitance fits on the circuit board. Capacitance value is an important characteristic of capacitance. In some places, capacitance is used to block dc signal; in some places, it is used to store a small amount of electric energy; in some places, it is used to filter high-frequency ac signal; in some places, it is used for rectification; and these functions are directly dependent on capacitance value. Therefore, these factors should be taken into account when choosing polyester capacitor for replacement.

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