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capacitance knowledge
Aug 22, 2018

A capacitor is an electronic component made up of an insulator sandwiched between two conductors, just like a sandwich. Capacitance is one of the most fundamental and important components in electronic equipment. The output of capacitors accounts for more than 40% of the global electronic components (others, resistors, inductors, etc.). Basically, all electronic devices, from small flash drives to digital cameras, can be seen in space shuttles and rockets. As one of the most basic electronic components, capacitors are as indispensable for electronic devices as food is for people.

A small capacitor is a complete embodiment of a country's industrial technology capabilities, especially high-grade capacitors represent the level of precision machining, chemicals, materials, and basic research in the country (the United States and Japan are the world's two largest capacitor design research capabilities). Countries) Don't underestimate it, the design and manufacturing requirements of its high-end products are even as good as the CPU. The same is the inconspicuous capacitor, up to the god five, down to the U disk, it can be said that there is power in the place there.

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