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Capacitor industry 01
May 30, 2018

Capacitor industry 01

In recent years, the incidence of lung cancer has been rising due to air pollution, environmental control and rising smoking. The public has shown unprecedented anxiety and concern about the hidden dangers of environmental pollution, and the environmental awareness of the whole population has been increasing. At present, China's air purifier household is less than 1%, and the future air purifier market will be developing rapidly.

In fact, frequent haze makes air purifiers "barbaric growth" and has become a big black horse in the home appliance market. Data show that in 2014, the total retail market of household air purifiers was 5 million 800 thousand, with an increase of 59% and a retail sales volume of 13 billion 600 million yuan. However, behind the crazy development of the industry, the chaos of the product quality and the unqualified products are also coming.

In the year 2015, the number of new enterprises entering the purifier industry was estimated to be more than 200. At present, there are more than 700 air purifiers on the online consulting line, and 121 channels are monitored under the line. After the overlap, about 743 brands are sold, including more domestic small brands.

The market performance in 2016 showed that the air purifier could not escape the fate of "relying on heaven". The first three quarters are still in a negative net market, which turns into the fourth quarter. The frequent foggy weather causes the market demand to break out, and even the whole industry is broken down. This shows that the consumer still stays in the idea of using air purifier to fight the fog and haze pollution. It is expected that the 2017 market will narrow to 6%, but the enthusiasm of enterprises will only increase. Because the volume of air purifier is very low in China, the market demand has not been fully stimulated, and the market space is very large. 

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