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Causes of aging of piezoresisors
Dec 26, 2018

Aging of piezoresisors is that in most cases, overload of p-n junction will result in short circuit and cannot be turned back to normal state, and diode elements in piezoresisors will be broken down under repeated action of electric shock. The low resistance linearization of the resistance body gradually intensified, and the voltage-sensitive resistance voltage was getting lower and lower, and the leakage current was getting larger and larger. As the MOV body temperature increased, the leakage current was larger, forming a vicious cycle, so that the MOV temperature increased to the point of ignition of the outsourcing sealing material.

This situation is called a high impedance circuit (around 1 k Ω), joule heat increase MOV fever and concentrated into the weak spot, weak point material melt. Hole formed around 1 k Ω short circuit, power supply continue to push into a larger current short-circuit point, form a high fever and burst into flames. The results show that, if the piezoresisors have manufacturing problems, they are prone to early failure, and repeated effects of electrical shocks with small strength will accelerate the aging process and make the aging failure appear earlier.

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