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Characteristics of capacitor
Dec 26, 2018

1.It has charge-discharge characteristics and the ability to prevent direct current from passing through and allow alternating current to pass through.

2. In the process of charging and discharging, there is a process of charge accumulation on the two plates, that is, a process of voltage establishment. Therefore, the voltage on the capacitor cannot be mutated.

Capacitor charge: two plates are respectively with the same amount of heterogeneous charge, the value of the charge of each plate is called the charge of the capacitor.

Discharge of a capacitor: the neutralization of positive and negative charges at both ends of the capacitor through a wire. A transient current is generated on the conduction line during discharge.

3. The capacitance and reactance of capacitors are inversely proportional to frequency and capacity. That is to say, when the bulk reactance is analyzed, the signal frequency and capacity should be correlated.

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