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Choose film capacitors to distinguish between metal film and foil
Jan 20, 2019

Now film capacitors are mostly belongs to a kind of polypropylene capacitor, its outside daub is a layer of metal film, the role of this film is used as electrode, therefore when choosing to pay attention to distinguish between the metal film and metal foil, although between them is just there but in the practical application, there is a big difference in the metal film capacitor is more adapt to the present people demand for small electronic products and equipment, its volume is much smaller than the metal foil.

When choosing a film coupling capacitor, you should also consider its actual voltage usage and some requirements on derating, so as not to cause some unnecessary accidents. In the process of using the capacitor, the electric current will generate heat to the capacitor. If the heat is too high, the capacitor will generate heat and damage the capacitor. Therefore, the selected capacitor must be in the condition that the current allows.

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