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Compressor capacitance detection
Dec 20, 2018

1.Appearance inspection: compressor capacitors are divided into two types: dry capacitors and oil-immersed capacitors. Dry capacitors are mostly encapsulated in plastic shells, while oil-immersed capacitors are encapsulated in metal shells. Replace capacitor as far as possible is the original specification model, cannot replace at will.

2. Capacity check: capacitor capacity will decline with the extension of time due to the poor service environment. Generally, if the attenuation is more than 20%, it will be difficult to start, with large starting current and long starting time. Especially when the power supply voltage is less than 20%, there will be a start stop, overcurrent protection, or even burn out the compressor. Therefore, when it is difficult to start, start time is too long, instantaneous jump stop phenomenon, the capacitor should be checked first.

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