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Distinguish between film capacitors
Dec 21, 2018

As is known to all, thin film capacitors play a decisive role in electronic components, once there are subtle problems, it will affect personal and property safety. Below, anhui saifu capacitor introduces how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of thin film capacitor:
1. Appearance, appearance is not good, talk about what quality is good or bad? But don't be superstitious.
2. Normal temperature test performance, including capacity, loss, insulation resistance, voltage resistance, ESR and so on. You need the performance of capacitor in particular, you should focus on the test of which aspect.
3. Conduct simulated life test. Normal temperature test performance is no problem, that also depends on whether the life can be sustained, if installed today, tomorrow the capacitor will explode, then you can say he is good? Not really?
For capacitors alone, these three aspects are relatively comprehensive.

If you want to choose, I can give you some more advice:
1. Select reputable capacitor manufacturers;
2. Put your use environment, including electrical environment and space environment, let them give special design, which is the most reliable;
3.If you use the requirement is not tall, that you can buy a few general from the market, oneself do copy machine test, passed, you can use at ease.

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