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Effects of inappropriate temperature and voltage on film capacitors
Jan 13, 2019

It is believed that those who are in constant contact with the capacitor will be aware of the fact that if the circuit breaker has a rebreakdown during the disconnection of the capacitor group, the circuit will appear in the circuit and there will be multiple operating overvoltages on the terminals of the capacitor. Under the action of such high operating overvoltage, strong partial discharge and dielectric damage will occur inside the film capacitor, and even lead to capacitor breakdown. Therefore, the quality of the circuit breaker used for switching capacitors is closely related to the actual service life of the capacitors. To prevent excessive inrush and overvoltage, discharge capacitors (groups) in a timely manner when they are withdrawn from the network. The remaining voltage on the capacitor shall not exceed 10% of its rated voltage before the capacitor is put back into the grid.

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