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film capacitor Basics
Sep 04, 2018

Capacitors vary depending on the medium, such as electrolyte capacitors, paper capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, and air capacitors. However, the most frequently used in audio equipment is electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are mostly used where large capacitance is required, such as filter capacitors in the main power supply, in addition to filtering, and also for storing electrical energy. Thin film capacitors are widely used in the intersection of analog signals, bypass of power supply noise (anti-intersection) and so on. The film capacitor is a capacitor in which a metal foil is used as an electrode and a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate is stacked from both ends and wound into a cylindrical structure. According to the type of plastic film, it is called polyethyl capacitor (also known as Mylar capacitor), polypropylene capacitor (also known as PP capacitor), polystyrene capacitor (also known as PS capacitor) and polycarbonate capacitor. Film capacitors are excellent capacitors because of their excellent properties. Its main equivalence is as follows: no polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss.

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