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Film capacitor model meaning
Dec 23, 2018

1.Source of model classification
The designation of these capacitors is mainly a classification of capacitor models according to Chinese industry standards. Many industry standards have been replaced by GB. There is no sense of coercion.

2. Explanation of the above models
CBB61/CBB65/CBB60 these three models are ac motor capacitors, mainly from the use of shape to distinguish it. In China, it is a kind of industry habit. 61 is mainly used for fans, 60 and 65 are mainly used for circles, 60 are mainly used for motors, 65 are mainly used for operating capacitors on air conditioners and refrigerators, which have the function of explosion protection. These explanations are more and more a matter of habit with the gb/T3667 standard being implemented. CBB20/CLDR/ CBB21 these capacitors are mainly implemented in accordance with the standard GB T 14472 or GB T 2693, of which the CLDR model is the most persuasive and can be understood as a polyester film capacitor (cl-polyester film, cbb-metallized film capacitor).

At present, from the perspective of internationalization, this is a model name of the manufacturer for easy retrieval. The main user requirements are: what standards to implement; What kind of installation size and explosion-proof grade are required by the user? Whether you get the certification or not is the most important thing. For example, if you apply for the CBB65 model, it will be the model when you get the certification of all countries. This capacitor you can call yy-1 at the time of certification, but this capacitor model is yy-1. These models are the standardisation of the Chinese industry standard. Now every enterprise is not enforcing industry standards and that standard is not bound. It's up to your company to standardize.

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