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Filter function of film capacitor
Jan 06, 2019

Filtering is the operation of specific band frequency in filtering signal, and it is an effective means to restrain and prevent interference. Filter circuit is to allow a certain frequency range of signals can be normal and lossless through, while preventing another frequency range of signals through. Useful signals can be extracted by using this filter circuit, which was initially used in the field of communication. The reason why thin film capacitance can be used in this kind of circuit is that it can eliminate voltage pulsation, absorb voltage peak and eliminate voltage trough in the filter circuit. That's what it says: pass a signal in a certain frequency range and block a signal in a certain frequency range.

It is important to note that when the thin-film capacitor is used in the filter circuit, we should pay attention to the ripple frequency of the filter circuit is how much HZ, ripple current is how much mA, dc voltage is how much V, ac voltage is how much V, to ensure that the appropriate thin-film capacitor is used in the filter circuit.

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