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How to avoid the failure of metal film capacitance
Dec 26, 2018

1.Choose high-quality products. If the performance of metal film capacitors is not up to standard, its reliability is not only very low, but also very easy to fail. Therefore, choosing the right and appropriate products is the primary condition to ensure reliability. Poor quality metal film capacitors can cause problems if they are installed on the circuit. If the quality of the products you choose cannot be guaranteed, I suggest that you do not use metal film capacitors, especially in dc-dc circuits and high-power charging and discharging circuits.

2. Failure of a low impedance circuit due to excessive voltage. Circuits with resistance protection for metal film capacitors and low impedance circuits without resistance protection. For circuits protected by resistance, resistance can reduce voltage and inhibit the passage of large current.

3. There are no problems in circuit design and product selection. The performance parameters of metal film capacitors can meet the characteristics of circuit signals. However, often we can not guarantee that both of the above work is done in place, so. In the use of the process is likely to appear this kind of failure problem.

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