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How to determine the parameter size of ceramic capacitance
Dec 27, 2018

Ceramic capacitors are made by using ceramics as dielectric, spraying silver layer on both sides of ceramic matrix, and then firing silver film as polar plate at low temperature. Its shape is mostly in sheet form, but also in tubular, circular and other shapes. Zhixu electronics has been focusing on the research and development and production of JEC high-voltage ceramic capacitors and safety capacitors for many years, and each process is fully automated machine for full inspection.

Ceramic capacitance can be divided into plug-in and patch type according to the package. According to the different media can be divided into class I ceramic dielectric capacitors and II class ceramic dielectric capacitor, I usually NP0 SL0, COG is a kind of ceramic dielectric capacitors, I X7R and X5R, Y5U, Y5V is II class ceramic dielectric capacitors, I kind of ceramic dielectric capacitors capacitance stability is very good, basic not with temperature, voltage, time changes, but the average capacity is very small, and class II ceramic dielectric capacitors capacitance stability is very poor, with temperature, voltage, time change is bigger, so commonly used in the capacitance stability requirement is not high, such as filtering, etc.

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