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How to match the fitting to a suitable ceramic capacitor
Jul 30, 2018

On the ceramic capacitor closed circuit, a simple harmonic vibration occurs at a certain Hz. At the resonance point, the smaller the capacitance impedance, the smaller the impedance of the closed circuit, and the energy efficiency of compensation is also improved. However, when the Hertz exceeds the harmonic point, then the impedance of the closed circuit first expands, and the current intensity supplied by the ceramic capacitor is also slowly decreased. The wider the capacitance range of the capacitor, the less the number of times the simple harmonic vibration completes the periodic change, and the frequency limit at which the ceramic capacitor can provide the compensation current is also less. Therefore, it is necessary to pass the safety test capacitor. Ceramic capacitors with relevant certification are more secure and safer. Zhixu Electronics is the best choice.

In addition, ceramic capacitors are used in diodes and triodes. Almost every data sheet and solution of each component have relatively significant determination of the parameters of the individual components. Specifically, the conditions for the ceramic capacitors are based on this. , and then complete and complete.

Of course, when using ceramic capacitors, it is necessary not only to look at the capacity value and packaging, but also to look at the application of capacitors in detail. It is necessary to use special ceramic capacitors for special circuits.

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