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Introduction of the performance of the absorption capacitor
Aug 27, 2018

Function and use of absorption capacitors

1. The polypropylene film is used as the medium, and the double-sided metal electrode is thickened. The core is wrapped on the yellow polyester tape, and the epoxy resin is sealed at both ends.

2. It has the characteristics of small intrinsic inductance, low equivalent series resistance, low loss, high insulation resistance, good frequency characteristics, high voltage and large current pulse. Mainly used for high voltage, high current and pulse circuits. Absorption capacitors for protection circuits such as switching power supplies, inverters, inverters, IGBT thyristors, etc.

Second, the main parameters:

1, working temperature range: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C

2. Capacity tolerance: ?5% (J), ?10% (K)

3, test voltage: lead between 1.5VRDC 10S

                 Between lead and case 3KVDC 60S

4, the inherent inductance: ≤ 1nH / mm (including capacitor length and lead length)

5. Loss tangent: CR≤1.5μF tgδ≤5?10-4 (1KHZ measurement)

                    CR>1.5μF tgδ≤8?10-4 (1KHZ measurement)

6. Insulation resistance: CR≤0.33 ≥2?104MΩ

                  CR>0.33 ≥30000MΩ, μF (100VDC, 60S measurement)

7. The maximum voltage pulse rise rate dv/dT and the maximum peak current IPK are listed in the table.

The snubber capacitor plays an important role in a circuit similar to a low-pass filter that absorbs the peak voltage. It is commonly used in insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) to eliminate peak voltages caused by stray inductance of the bus and to avoid damage to the IGBT.

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