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jy capacitor industry knowledge
Aug 13, 2018

With the development of smart terminal devices, their functions are increasing, but the volume is gradually reduced and the use time is also long. With this in mind, applications such as smartphones and tablet applications require smaller power supplies and higher output currents and efficiencies to maximize battery life. Product designers are in desperate need of this solution to address these challenges.

Taizhou Jinye Capacitor Co., Ltd. has introduced three multi-output multi-phase step-down power management PMICs---ISL91302B, ISL91301A and ISL91301B to provide the most efficient power management for smartphone and tablet application processors. At the same time, it has the smallest panel volume. Power management for artificial intelligence (AI) processors, FPGAs, and industrial MPUs is also ideal for solid-state drives (SSDs), optical transceivers, and a variety of consumer electronics, as well as industrial and networking equipment. powered by.

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