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Life class of film capacitors
Jan 15, 2019

Film capacitor is widely used in electronics, household appliances, communication, electric power, electrified railway, hybrid electric vehicle, wind power generation, solar power generation and other industries capacitor, because of non-polarity, high insulation impedance, excellent frequency characteristics, medium loss is small and other advantages of the major manufacturers love. According to the CQC standard, capacitors are divided into four grades of abcd, grade A is for continuous operation of 30000 hours, grade B is for 10000 hours, grade C is for 3000 hours and grade D is for 1000 hours.

The life of thin film capacitors is affected by temperature and shortens with the increase of temperature. For example, a c-rated capacitor has a life span of 3,000 hours. At normal temperature (room temperature), it can work normally for 3,000 hours, or even longer. But if it's operating at its maximum operating temperature, it might only have 500 hours left. And if the temperature exceeds its limit, then it will not work properly, damaged. Therefore, to extend the life of a thin film capacitor, it is necessary to make it work at a suitable temperature, and I suggest making it work between 20 and 30 degrees.

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