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Metal film capacitor inner core structure
Jan 02, 2019

The inner core of a metal film capacitor is wound by a polypropylene or polyester metallized film, and the metal layers at both ends are connected by gold spraying to form electrodes. Each capacitor is connected by several inner cores according to the requirements. Metal film capacitor metal film is the use of high-altitude evaporation technology, on the surface of polypropylene or polyester film evaporation of a layer of aluminum, zinc or aluminum plus zinc and other metal thin layer, the layer of evaporation gilded layer thickness only 0.03-0.04m, visible high technology.

When added to the metal film capacitor between two plates of a certain voltage, the medium of some electric breakdown, weaknesses will be breakdown electric weakness makes the energy released when electric weakness gasification volatilization, metal layer of the heat around the electrical weakness due to the loss of metal layer to form insulation area near to withdraw from the circuit and the capacitor for electrical weakness to exit and return to normal work, this is the self-healing principle of metal film and film capacitor.

The thickness of metallized film directly influences the self-healing performance of capacitor. The thinner the metallized film is, the stronger its self-healing property is, but the more fragile it is when combined with the gold-spraying layer. The thicker the metallization film, the stronger the bond with the gold spraying layer, but the weaker the self-healing property. In order to make the metallized film not only have good self-healing performance, but also have enough thickness to improve the strength of gold spraying, a kind of metal film with thick edge is produced. The self-healing capacitor chooses the metallized film with thick edge to wrap the inner core. It can withstand the shock of surge current, high reliability, good self-healing performance, long service life, its theoretical life can be up to decades.

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