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Misunderstanding of capacitor usage
Aug 03, 2018

● The larger the capacitance, the better.

Many people often prefer to use large-capacity capacitors in the replacement of capacitors. We know that the larger the capacitance, the stronger the current compensation capability provided to the IC. Not to mention that the increase in capacitance increases the volume, which increases the cost and also affects air flow and heat dissipation. The key is that there is parasitic inductance on the capacitor, and the capacitor discharge loop will resonate at a certain frequency. At the resonance point, the impedance of the capacitor is small. Therefore, the impedance of the discharge circuit is the smallest, and the effect of replenishing energy is also the best. However, when the frequency exceeds the resonance point, the impedance of the discharge loop begins to increase, and the capacity of the capacitor to supply current begins to decrease. The larger the capacitance of the capacitor, the lower the resonant frequency, and the smaller the frequency range in which the capacitor can effectively compensate the current. From the perspective of ensuring the ability of the capacitor to supply high-frequency current, the larger the better the capacitor is, the more accurate it is. There is a reference value in the general circuit design.

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