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Note these points when using thin film capacitors
Jan 06, 2019

1.The rated voltage of the film capacitor must be consistent with the voltage of the power grid in the region. For some power grids with too high voltage or harmonic, the high harmonic, especially the third, fifth and seventh harmonics, will cause great harm to the power grid.

2. Pay attention to the operating environment temperature. High operating temperature will aggravate the electrochemical reaction of the film capacitor, affect the dissipation of heat during self-healing, and lead to self-healing failure or short service life. Therefore, when installing the film capacitor, the heat source should be avoided to improve the cooling and ventilation environment.

3. The capacitor cabinet shall be provided with reasonable protective devices:
(1) adjust the appropriate delay and discharge time, input and cut capacitor bank with limited current and discharge device. Because the internal resistance of the film capacitor is small, the surge current may be up to tens of thousands of amps. In order to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the film capacitance, must set up the discharge device;
(2) the casting and cutting procedure shall comply with the principle of first casting and then cutting;
(3) in order to prevent frequent switching, capacitor bank must retain enough capacity when cutting, as the base group.

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