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On the filtering function of thin film capacitance
Jan 01, 2019

In fact, there is a difference between the application of thin film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. The application of thin film capacitors is characterized by high analytical force, clear stratification, fast speed and low noise. However, the sound is slightly thin, low frequency is poor and lacks charm. Everyone knows no negative feedback circuit of high frequency shine, low frequency is not as good as feedback circuit, the use of film capacitor as a filter, in most cases, can make high and moderate frequency more bright, low frequency hard, so someone against using thin film capacitor as a filter, but the speed of film capacitor advantage may play up, metal film capacitors of high speed on the transient intermodulation distortion plays a supplementary role, also make the fresh smooth some sound, it has the good results in practice.

The speed advantage of thin film capacitors in the voltage regulator circuit to eliminate the effect of switching effect is more obvious and commendable. Everyone has been arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of ac power supply, dc power supply and stable voltage. Although there are peaks and valleys in communication, it is still continuous, so there is no switching effect and no influence of switching noise. Dc power supply tone is not as beautiful as ac power supply, the main performance is the voice is not smooth performance, that is, the voltage stabilizer parts of the switch noise caused by the switch, in fact, the switch characteristics of the current components have been very good, the switch frequency has reached MHZ level, from the theory of audio basically will not cause a big impact.

Electrolytic capacitor has noise and slow, in rectifying and regulating circuit, superposition diode and switch voltage regulator tube, noise effects, but changed to film capacitor, is a different story, with the application of the filter circuit, there will be a good check with capacity such as thin film capacitor after listening will better than before, no smooth phenomenon, believe that film capacitor fast charge and discharge very good make up for the influence of switching noise.

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