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Power system design using supercapacitors (Faradian capacitors)
Sep 01, 2018

Engineers basically need to meet peak power requirements in the design of major energy equipment. For example, for an engine or battery system, it is necessary to work under the highest load, even if this demand only lasts for a few seconds. Designing the entire system to meet the highest load rather than the average load will obviously result in increased costs and reduced efficiency. Such systems can store the energy portion of the primary energy device as electrical energy, thereby improving the design of such systems, such as using a battery as a secondary energy storage device, and releasing this portion of the energy quickly when needed. This high-energy transmission provides the energy system with a dynamic output capability to meet the instantaneous peak power requirements. But batteries are not good enough to provide instantaneous peak power frequently; in this regard, supercapacitors are the best choice.


Farad capacitors, also known as electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) or supercapacitors. It has been around for about 10 years and was first used as a low-energy, low-power, but long-life backup component for video players (VCRs) and alarm clocks, and has had few other uses until recently when its features were discovered.

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