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Precautions for capacitor products
Dec 25, 2018

1.The capacitor screen shall be coated with a good ESD standard film;

2.regular cleaning, the use of computer liquid crystal cleaning fluid (can not use alcohol, furniture cleaning fluid);

3. avoid static electricity: static electricity is very easy to break through the capacitor screen. Although the layer of glass on the surface of the capacitive screen phone has undergone certain anti-static treatment, it does not mean that it can resist the static electricity of the human body in winter. Moreover, many people choose low-quality screen stickers that are easy to generate static electricity, and a cotton cloth cover is a good choice.

4.avoid oil, sweat and other conductive media: oil, sweat and other covered on the screen will form a conductive layer, thus causing the screen drift.

5. Fear of "high" temperature: the high temperature here does not mean burning carbon to bake, but when the temperature reaches about 40 degrees, the capacitor screen may drift. If the capacitor screen stays at this temperature for a long time, it is likely to be scrapped.

6. Fear of magnetic field: especially electromagnetic field, if a small magnet is placed on the capacitor screen for a while, the capacitor screen will temporarily fail (or may cause permanent damage), so try to avoid objects such as speakers or magnetic screws;

7, afraid of unstable voltage. Generally, when the finger touches the capacitive screen, it will "absorb" a little current, and then the screen will evenly send electricity from the four corners to the position where the thumb is, so as to make positioning, the capacitive screen will drift or even fail under the condition of unstable transmission voltage.

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