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Purpose of capacitance
Dec 22, 2018

1.Dc insulation: the function is to prevent dc from passing through and allow ac to pass through.

2.Bypass (decoupling) : provides a low impedance path for elements in parallel in an ac circuit.

3. Coupling: as a connection between two circuits, it allows ac signals to pass through and be transmitted to the next circuit.

4. Filtering: this is very important for DIY, and the capacitance on the video card is basically this function.

5. Temperature compensation: to compensate for the impact of insufficient adaptability of other components to temperature and improve the stability of the circuit.

6. Timing: the capacitor and resistor are used together to determine the time constant of the circuit.

7.Tuning: systematic tuning of frequency-dependent circuits, such as mobile phones, radios, and televisions.

8. Rectification: turn on or off semi-closed conductor switching elements at a predetermined time.

9. Energy storage: storage of electrical energy for release when necessary. Such as camera flash, heating equipment and so on.

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