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Requirements for film capacitor tolerances for different circuits
Jan 08, 2019

According to different purposes, the film capacitor tolerance can be divided into general purpose and precision capacitor purposes. General purpose film capacitors do not require high capacitor capacitance accuracy, the corresponding tolerance can be larger, 5%, 10% or even 20% soil is ok. For applications such as bypass, coupling or timing with low requirements and general delay, thin film capacitors with a 10% tolerance can be used. For more demanding applications, 5% tolerance film capacitors can be selected. For applications such as bypass, coupling, and high frequency rectifier filtering that do not require tolerances at all, thin-film capacitors with a soil tolerance of 20% can be selected.

For precision capacitor such as oscillation circuit and resonant circuit USES, the circuit of tolerance requirement is higher, there are usually 2% or even 1% of the tolerance requirements, this kind of high precision film capacitor dielectric material is small or basic does not change with the temperature, the circuit adopts the variable inductance except capacitance value is accurate to the regulation of compensation.

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