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Safety of film capacitance
Jan 02, 2019

Oil film capacitor with certain proportion of wax or sulfur hexafluoride as impregnant, through vacuum impregnation, impregnant perfusion in capacitor shell, can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of partial discharge on the edge of the core, and because after curing of microcrystalline wax on the outside of the core formed a stress zone, when the element self-healing due to exist a certain amount of stress, can make its rapid arcing, prevent evaporation area expansion and self-healing deterioration caused by element accident. Compared with liquid impregnation agent, oil wax impregnation agent has stable performance, does not burn, and effectively solves the problem of oil leakage.

In case the film capacitor fails due to self-healing, and the inner metallized film is softened by heat and deflated to make the capacitor bulge, the safety device can cut off the power in time to protect the whole device. There are many types of safety devices, such as power type and electrical type. The insurance device of the film capacitor integrates force and electric insurance, and has dual functions. It is placed inside the capacitor housing, and the deformation of the housing is used to start the insurance device and cut off the power supply. In case the mechanical insurance is out of control, the electrical insurance will be started immediately, and the power supply will also be cut off, thus protecting the whole device.

When the film capacitor is out of operation, the self-discharge device can reduce the initial peak voltage of the capacitor to below 50V within 3min, so as to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance.

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