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Several operation modes of refrigerator compressor
Dec 19, 2018

The refrigeration of freezer basically relies on compressor, but compressor relies on what way to start? Firstly, the single-phase motor used in refrigerator compressor can be divided into impedance phase-separated starting (RSIR), capacitance starting (CSIR) and capacitance starting (CSR) due to different starting modes.

(1) working principle of impedance phase separation and lifting
The stator winding of the compressor motor is an inductance coil. Because the running winding and starting winding have different diameters and turns, the impedance is different. When two winding is connected to the ac circuits, they run the winding current hysteresis voltage of 90 ° can produce two different impedance values, although arrived two winding is on the aspect of 50 hz alternating current (ac), and will produce different phase difference in the two winding current and voltage, resistance split phase effect, starting torque. When the motor speed reaches 70%~80% of the rated speed, the starting winding disconnects the starting winding circuit under the control of the starting relay, and only the running winding drives the motor to run.

(2) working principle of capacitor start-up
Compressor motor capacitance starting circuit and impedance phase separation starting circuit are similar, the difference is in series in the starting winding a 220V, 45~100 mu capacitor, the phase difference between the circuit increases, the starting torque increases, the starting current decreases, greatly improves the starting characteristics of the circuit.

(3) working principle of capacitor startup and capacitor operation
Capacitor start, the compressor motor starting circuit of capacitor operation type, and capacitance operated circuit is the difference between: beside the start relay and start capacitor in parallel with a small capacity of the capacitor, when the end of the process, start capacitor after cut off from the circuit, startup and running windings in parallel, thus start winding can bear part of the motor load, which greatly improved the efficiency of the motor.

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