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State of the film capacitor industry in China
May 30, 2018

State of the film capacitor industry in China

In order to shorten the distance from the international market, domestic capacitor enterprises should pay attention to the following problems. 1., we should pay attention to the research and development of key film capacitors. 2., we must attach importance to technological innovation, patent declaration and trademark protection. 3., we should strengthen information research and raise the level of enterprise informatization so as to provide strategic ideas for technological development, market development and economic development of enterprises in a timely manner. 4., we should attach importance to the implementation of famous brand strategy, strive to create internationally famous brands, and strive to improve the comprehensive strength and level of enterprises. 5., we must vigorously promote the development and production of chip film capacitors. At present, the development of the film capacitor in China is in the beginning stage, and it has the situation of gradually expanding market share and replacing the traditional lead film capacitor. 6., we should use various means to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. Domestic film capacitor enterprises can learn from foreign experience, the conditions can be independent research and development of raw materials and electronic equipment, unconditional and the idea of electronic materials, electronic machine manufacturers to form a union. We can expand the scale of enterprises and improve the ability to resist risk in international market competition through a variety of ways, such as union, merger, acquisition, domestic and foreign listing, and so on. 7., we must establish our own technological innovation and product research and development system, march into the field of high technology and high new products, and gradually form our core competitiveness. 8. establish a marketing team with a world level. 9., pay close attention to the international market dynamics and establish a sensitive and efficient early warning mechanism.

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