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The damage of a capacitor in a power supply
Jan 15, 2019

1) the short and broken circuit inside the capacitor is damaged, and the fault phenomenon is burning out the switch tube and other current-limiting components, such as the current limiting resistance in the switch power supply. Voltage-sensitive resistors may be broken down.
2) capacitor short, open circuit damage working in high voltage, high current of the safety capacitor, when for some reason the voltage rise, and exceed its withstand voltage value, make it breakdown short circuit damage. Due to the short circuit over the capacitor the current is very large, will make the safety capacitor burst.
3) capacitor capacity disappear, completely leakage caused by failure, is the power of capacitance discriminant and maintenance of the fault, fault occurs after the most difficult because the measurement of capacitor, the multimeter test everything is normal, but after install the capacitance in circuit, the capacity of the capacitor is completely disappear, this is one of the most difficult maintenance of the soft fault in the circuit, the components can not withstand voltage, the presence of voltage, capacity will disappear completely.
Capacitors cannot be separated from our 100% professional testing and inspection before the damage, the purpose is to prevent the damage of capacitors involving other electronic components. It is important to check your work. Don't forget it.

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