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The difference between CL21 and CBB capacitors
Feb 25, 2019

Polyester film capacitors are also called CL capacitors, and polypropylene film capacitors are also called CBB capacitors, both of which have self-healing and non-inductive characteristics. The main differences are as follows:

1. Under the condition of high frequency, the stability of CBB capacitor is higher than that of CL capacitor.

2. Under the same temperature variation condition, the variation range of CBB capacitance with temperature is smaller than that of CL capacitance.

3. The loss of CBB capacitors is smaller than that of CL capacitors. Under the condition of frequency of 1kHz, the tangent Angle of loss of CBB capacitors is generally less than 0.001, while that of CL capacitors is less than 0.01.

4. Both CBB capacitors and CL capacitors have excellent insulation performance, which is better than other capacitors, but CBB capacitors have better insulation performance than CL capacitors.

5. Compared with CBB capacitors, CL capacitors have the advantage of small size. Under the same voltage and capacity, the volume of CL capacitors can be smaller than that of CBB capacitors.

Due to the better performance and higher unit price of CBB capacitors, there are many unprofessional merchants passing off CL capacitors as CBB capacitors in the market at present. Therefore, it is recommended to identify two kinds of capacitors: measurement loss value, if less than 0.001, CBB capacitors, and otherwise, CL capacitors.

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