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The difference between metallized film capacitors and nonmetallic film capacitors
Dec 21, 2018

Early metallized film capacitors were all marked with CJ, and similar non-metallized film paper capacitors were marked with CZ.

Now because the production technology is advanced, the organic film material is convenient, the metal evaporation coating technology is simple, and the frequency characteristic is better than the paper capacitor, has the self-healing function, the high pressure resistance, so the mass production.

Thin film capacitors are made by winding aluminum foil as electrodes and plastic film together. Metallized film capacitors are made by vacuum evaporation of a thin layer of metal on a plastic film as an electrode. In this way, the thickness of electrode foil can be omitted and the volume of capacitors per unit capacity can be reduced. Therefore, film capacitors are easier to be made into small capacitors with large capacity.

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