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The importance of choosing the right thin film capacitance
Dec 27, 2018

When using capacitor products, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the products so as to take advantage of the performance of the products. If there is no problem with the performance of the product used, once the operation is wrong, the result will be devastating. Therefore, in the process of use, strict control should be carried out, and the quality of products must be excellent, only in this way can avoid accidents, ensure that the user is not hurt.

Good product selection is an important part of the selection of products, to choose qualified thin film capacitors, if the capacitance performance is not up to standard, the reliability of the product is very low, in the use of the process is easy to lead to bad phenomenon.

In the design, the product selection and circuit design is very important, according to the performance parameters of thin film capacitor product circuit design. If the voltage is too high, there will be a series of problems. In order to protect the circuit and the performance of the product, it is very important to choose the capacitor product with good quality.

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