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The relationship between ac voltage and frequency of film capacitance
Jan 06, 2019

Film capacitors have the function of ac resistance, because the dc is one-way, when the circuit where the film capacitor is located is dc, the film capacitor will always be charged in one direction, which will fill the capacity of the film capacitor. A fully charged capacitor is equivalent to a circuit breaker. Alternating current, however, can discharge and charge because the current direction is constantly changing. The circuit in which the thin film capacitor is located will always have current flowing through it, which is equivalent to a path.

When the frequency of alternating current is very low, the current passing through the film capacitor is also very low. As the frequency of alternating current increases, so does the current flowing through the film capacitor. When the current through the film capacitor reaches the rated current, can no longer continue to increase the frequency of the alternating current (ac), because continue to increase will result in the dielectric loss, thus affecting the service life of the film capacitor, therefore in the use of thin film container should pay special attention to the frequency of the alternating current (ac) can allow range, prevent the life of the capacitor is reduced, increase the unnecessary loss and artificial maintenance costs.

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