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The role of piezoresisors in sensitive electrons
Jan 01, 2019

Piezoresisers are widely used in electronic circuits to protect circuits from transient voltage changes in power supply systems. Piezoresisors are generally used in parallel in the circuit. When the voltage at both ends of the resistance changes sharply, the resistance short-circuit will fuse the current and play a protective role. Piezoresisors are commonly used in power supply overvoltage protection and voltage stabilization in circuits. When the high voltage comes, the resistance of the piezoresisors decreases and the current is shunted to prevent damage or interference by excessive instantaneous voltage. Thus, sensitive electronic components are protected.

Many people will have such a mistake, think that piezoresisers can protect sensitive electronic components feel that the role of piezoresisers is very big, in the actual circuit protection scheme, piezoresisers can not provide complete voltage protection, must have a variety of protective devices together to form a protective line. Because piezoresisers can only withstand limited energy or power, they cannot provide continuous overvoltage protection. Continuous overvoltage can damage protective devices (piezoresisors), cause damage to equipment, and may be a risk of fire. Piezoresisors can not provide protection of the parts: boot shock current, short circuit of the over current, voltage drop, etc., these circumstances need other ways of protection.

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