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There are several kinds of capacitors, which are polar
Mar 03, 2019

1.Capacitors are divided by materials: paper capacitors, mica capacitors, ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors.

2. Capacitors are divided into high-voltage capacitors and low-voltage capacitors according to the withstand voltage.

3. Capacitance is divided by frequency: ac capacitance, dc capacitance and hf capacitance.

4. Capacitors are divided into fixed capacitors and variable capacitors according to the scope of capacity.

5. After the electric soldering iron is heated, use fine sandpaper to wipe off the oxidation layer of the soldering iron tip, and stick a little solder paste before touching the melting solder wire.

6. Use of electric soldering iron: power off or cool down when not in continuous use; Welding electronic components should be fast; When welding the fet pipe or the chip, it is necessary to cut off the power for welding and discharge the static electricity in advance.

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