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There are two main types of film capacitors
Jan 12, 2019

Film capacitors can be divided into two categories: dc film capacitors and ac film capacitors. Ac film capacitor refers to the film capacitor working in the circuit powered by ac power supply.

Thin film capacitors are widely used because of their high insulation impedance, wide frequency response and non-polarity, so they are often used in integrated circuit boards, analog circuits and other circuits. Especially in the performance of the signal interconnection is very superior, compared with other media, the film capacitance of the medium loss is small, wide frequency response, can ensure that the signal in the transmission will not change. In order to meet people's requirements for audio quality and improve sound quality, the film capacitors used now are becoming more and more advanced. Price is not the most important factor to consider. Therefore, the frequency and quantity of PP capacitors and PS capacitors used in audio equipment are also becoming higher and higher.

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