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Thin film capacitors work at alternating current
Jan 03, 2019

The simple capacitor is made up of at the ends of the plate and in the middle of the insulating dielectric, under the condition of no more than the breakdown voltage of capacitor premise, after electrify board will be charged, form the voltage (potential difference), but because the middle is the insulation material, so it is not conductive, so capacitor will have communication, the characteristics of the dc resistance, say is this property of capacitance. In a direct current circuit, the film capacitance is equivalent to breaking the circuit.

Any material is relatively insulated, when the voltage at both ends of the material increases to a certain extent, the material can conduct electricity, we call this voltage breakdown voltage, capacitance is also the same. After the capacitor is broken down, it is not an insulator. But generally capacitors work under the breakdown voltage, such voltage is not seen in the circuit, can be seen as an insulator.

In an ac circuit, because the direction of the current changes with time in a certain functional relationship, and the film capacitor charging and discharging process is time, at this time, the formation of a changing electric field between the plates, in fact, the current is in the form of a field between the film capacitance through, this electric field is also a function of time.

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