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What are the deficiencies in the use of metal film capacitors
Dec 27, 2018

Metal film capacitors have led to the development of the whole electronic industry. Theoretically, there is no short-circuit failure in the use of this material. However, in the process of using the capacitor, there are many short-circuit failures, which increase customers' concerns about the product. Although metal film capacitance is a lot of advantages, but there are some shortcomings.

The capacitance stability of metal film capacitors is not as good as that of other capacitors, mainly because the metallized capacitors will be lost due to the discomfort of the working environment in the long-term use process. Even after self-healing, the material capacity will become very small. Therefore, the use of the environment is very important, the use of the process is also for the stability of the electricity demand is relatively high, to choose foil style capacitance is better to meet the demand.

In the process of using metal film capacitors, the current capacity is likely to be poor. This is because the film layer of metal film capacitors is relatively thin and the current carrying capacity is relatively weak in the process of working. Therefore, it is reasonable to solve this problem. Double-sided metal film capacitance as the electrode can achieve the ideal use needs, further increase in the thickness of the metal coating can make up for the instability of the capacity in the process of use, and prone to the phenomenon of poor current capacity.

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