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What is the use of film capacitor wax injection?
Jan 12, 2019

What is wax injection? When the insulation degree of a certain component of the film capacitor drops, it will inevitably produce supernormal heat and increase the internal pressure, which will deform the shell of the film capacitor, expand and pull off the explosion-proof wire with mechanical displacement. As the power supply is connected with the thin-film capacitor element through the explosion-proof sheet, the explosion-proof fragment is equal to the power supply is disconnected, so that the circuit is in an open state. The explosion-proof effect depends on the design of the explosion-proof film, the installation position and the tightness of the film capacitor.

Characteristics of waxed film capacitance
1. Small size and light weight.
2. Excellent electrical performance, small loss, good self-healing characteristics.
3. Internal pressure type explosion-proof device, safe and reliable use.

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