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A Common Material For Making Capacitors
Mar 13, 2019

Data 1: solid dielectric
With the continuous development of the capacitor industry, plastic film has been introduced into the production and manufacturing of capacitors. In recent years, power capacitors with film media have gradually become the mainstream products in the capacitor market. Each has its own strengths. Capacitor paper e has been used for capacitors due to its large size and good impregnating function, while plastic film technology is becoming more and more mature, and its advantages are showing up.
Because e paper and film have their own characteristics. Now some paper, film composite media to manufacture power capacitors data is also a common practice in the market.

Data 2: liquid dielectric
Liquid medium is used as impregnating agent in power capacitors to fill the space in solid medium and then improve the dielectric constant and electrical strength of the medium. In recent years, the capacitor selection of dodecyl benzene, diarylene (S oil) products are also widely used. However, castor oil is used in pulse capacitor because of its large e. The e electrical function of PCBS was relatively stable, but it was eliminated due to its toxicity.

Data 3: electrode materials
Most of the electrode data are aluminum foil, and in parallel low voltage capacitors, the method of metallization is also used as the electrode. This does not have what good to say, because of the link of cost performance, now aluminum foil has been a lot of and widely used in power capacitors production capital guess.