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According To The Internal Structure Of The Above Typical Mechanism, The Following Problems Exist In The Structure:
May 30, 2018

According to the internal structure of the above typical mechanism, the following problems exist in the structure:

1 the main circuit of the circuit is connected by PCB. When the power of the core is greater, the main circuit of the AC main circuit before the bridge is input, the main circuit of the DC bus after the bridge is output, the greater the current in the main circuit of the LC resonant output. In order to provide enough flow capacity and reduce the temperature rise of the copper foil, the PCB copper foil must increase the size of the PCB and increase the width of the copper foil in the main circuit, and increase the width of the main circuit copper foil. The thickness of PCB copper foil will eventually lead to the high cost of PCB and the overall cost of the movement.

2 the product of some part of the enterprise is limited by the size of the core, so the size of the PCB can not be done too much. The usual practice is to expose copper and tinplate by artificial PCB, to increase the thickness of copper foil with solder, to increase the capacity of PCB overflow. (the thickness of the tin plating is not accurately controlled) or the copper and copper wires around the main loop and then the artificial plating. Tin, no matter what tin plating process, will increase the complexity of operation, increase labor costs.

3 the main circuit of the circuit is integrated with the single chip computer control circuit on a piece of PCB. The strong power / weak electricity is not separated, and the driving part is easily disturbed. The serious person causes the direct through of the IGBT module and the IGBT module and the rectifying bridge module.

4 if a small part of the circuit or component in the PCB circuit board fails, which causes the core to not work properly, the maintenance needs to be replaced by the other components of the whole PCB. and can not be used again. The maintenance cost and maintenance difficulty are increased.