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Advantages Of Film Capacitance Temperature Characteristics
Dec 27, 2018

Film capacitors good temperature characteristic, unlike other capacitor is its high temperature dielectric material is polypropylene film, its temperature characteristic make it can swimming to and fro in - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃ is not affected. Measured, under the fixed frequency film capacitor and its good brothers electrolytic capacitor capacitance change with temperature is different, which can analyze the: temperature rising will make film capacitor of electric capacity for overall capacitance will be falls, but the size is very small, almost negligible, maintained at about 300 parts per million / ℃; And electrolytic capacitor of capacitance is different, it both in any temperature circumstances changes with the temperature value is large, about 200-600 PPM / ℃. The temperature characteristics of thin film capacitors make them less demanding to use in the environment, whether it is in the extremely cold northeast, the hot taklamakan desert area or other natural environments can work normally.