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Advantages Of Film Capacitor Module
May 30, 2018

Advantages of film capacitor module

1 the inner main loop of the core adopts the process structure of copper strip bridge, the thickness of copper strip is guaranteed, the main circuit is overflowing and the copper strip temperature rises low. The installation operation is simple, convenient, fast and efficient, and greatly reduces the probability of error.

The 2 main circuit only needs two strips of copper, instead of a large block of PCB. In the material cost and manual cost, the product is greatly reduced and the reliability of the product is improved. The PCB plug-in, the tin furnace, and the repair welding process are omitted.

3 the main circuit is separated from the driving control part, and the separation of strong electricity / weak electricity is achieved. The interference of the main circuit to the chip driver is reduced. It is convenient for the after-sale maintenance of the product. The components can be used again, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

4 because the capacitors are all packaged in module form, the aluminum shell can be used for heat dissipation, and the core can be completely sealed. It solves the problems of fume, gas, cockroach, metal dust and so on, so as to improve the reliability and service life of the product.

The 5 capacitor is changed from multiple parallel parallel to single module, which solves the problem of uneven overcurrent and unequal partial pressure, shortens the distance of the main circuit and reduces the influence of the line distribution inductor on the power components.