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Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling Maybe The Air Conditioner Capacitor Should Be Changed.
Sep 11, 2018

Capacitance is a key component of the start-up of an air conditioner motor. Most of the air conditioning capacitors are activated and operated at the same time. The damage of the capacitors will cause the compressor to fail to start or start up for a period of time. Replace the capacitor, buy a capacitor of the same type and put it on, it is impossible to ask for more than 10 times.


In fact, if it is not cooled, users can test it if they have time. If the motor does not rotate after power-on, first check the capacitance and check whether the capacitor is good or bad. Use the pointer type multimeter to measure directly. If the multimeter pointer is deflected and then return to a certain value, the capacitor is good. If the pointer is directly zero or infinity, it means that there is a problem with the capacitor. Remove the bad one directly, then buy a new capacitor of the same model and replace it.

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