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Air Conditioning Capacitor Good Or Bad Judgment Method
Jan 15, 2019

(1) the most direct and simple method: 220V ac direct connection, can be connected to a pole, with another power line touch another capacitor foot. If there is a noticeable spark at the touch, it is certain that the capacitor is charged, which means that the capacitor is not broken.

(2) pointer type multimeter, can also be measured with the digital meter capacitance. If the pointer type multimeter, generally with R 1K gear, will be connected to the two poles of the capacitor. At this point the multimeter pointer will swing, and then slowly recover to zero or near zero. Such capacitors are good. The larger the capacity of the capacitor, the longer the charging time, and the slower the pointer swings towards 00. If the pointer does not move after connecting, the resistance value displayed is very small and does not move, it is definitely bad.

(3) digital multimeter detection. Check with the digital multimeter, set the digital multimeter to the appropriate resistance level, and the red and black watch pens respectively touch the poles of the capacitor under test. At this point, the display value gradually increases from 000 until the overflow sign "1" is displayed. If 000 is always displayed, the capacitor has an internal short circuit. If overflow is always shown, it may be an open circuit inside the capacitor, or it may be an inappropriate resistance.